Eleng Luluan 安聖惠 | 屏東好茶部落

作品 | 編織記憶

材質 | 鐵、棉繩



Woven Memories

Before the arrival of modern vehicles of transportation, the Hakka people had to walk long mountain roads when they needed to handle matters outside of their villages. This gave rise to the custom of leaving tea out for travelers. That is, people would leave a cup, a pot of tea, and a chair out in front of their homes for the chance traveler who needed a rest. In recalling this touching aspect of the Hakka culture, this piece invites the locals of Dawo to participate in its making. The handmade tea bowls are a symbol of the welcoming hospitality and sense of appreciation of the Hakka. The white sand that seems to flow out from and around the bowls represents how local streams nourish all the life in Dawo as well as the hope that the Hakka spirit of drinking water while gratefully remembering where it has come from will live on for generations.