Iyo Kacaw 伊𧙗噶照 | 花蓮港口部落

作品 | 〈生命的鑿痕〉

材質 | 木、鐵



Chisel Marks of Life

Walking along the Tunnel Drain, you can see the marks of chisels and axes left by its builders from long ago. The Tunnel Drain and its branches are what made it possible for Dawo to nourish its inhabitants. Human life is like a seed: It can be moved from place to place by water or wind, but once it becomes rooted somewhere, it strives to find a way to obtain nutrients and finally sprout regardless of the environment. This is the spirit of the people who lived in Dawo and developed the area for farming long ago. This piece consists of nearly 330 square meters of pieces of wood fixed together. The downward extensions along the edges represent humankind’s innate yearning for closeness with nature. The Tunnel Drain feeds the soil, and where the seeds fall in the soil is where they bud and grow into families.